Multifamily Housing

We are partnered with several flooring manufactures through our Multifamily Solutions membership. This incredible buying power and unmatched support we pass on to our customers as superior service, completive pricing, and innovative products.


Commercial Projects

We help our clients during every step of the commercial process and understand how important it is to meet budgets and schedules. We focus on listening. When we understand what your project needs, we can then suggest the products that best meet your budget and performance standards.


Rehabilitation Projects

Sitton’s work in Multifamily Housing makes us ideal partners for rehabilitation projects. We take our knowledge and experience on the day to day work at properties and apply that to rehabilitation projects – ensuring that our agreements maximize our customers’ reinvestment dollars.


Real Estate Owned Properties

Sitton provide flooring replacement service for Real Estate Owned properties nationwide. Our network gives our REO customers unmatched coverage and service from vendors who know how to get properties ready for show, rent, or sale.